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A team of 2 firefighter/paramedic's from Stay Alive From Education (Florida S.A.F.E. Inc.) will be able to provide up to a total of 3 one-hour presentations of "Street Smart" in the same venue or 2 if changing locations; during the hours of 07:00 to 17:00.Please contact Ralph Jimenez for fee structure @(786) 295-3201 or email

This fee is a per day of presentations fee and presentations do not "rollover" to the following or previous dates. You can schedule up to a total of 3 presentations on a day if we are going to be staying in the same venue. We will provide 2 presentations if we are going to a different location. There will be an additional charge for any extra presentations and/or a late night presentation unless agreed upon by Florida SAFE Inc. The team is also available for media interviews as part of the presentation visits.

Presentations are geared towards a mature audience that should be at least 14 and older. Also, we have presented for civic groups and the military. Additional evening presentations can be made to families, colleges, or military, just to name a few options.

If an additional presentation is to be made in the evening,an additional fee will apply. If the additional presentation requires an additional overnight stay, travel fees will apply.

Presentation Venue

Larger class sizes are preferable if the venue can facilitate the students and each student has their own seat. Gymnasiums are not conducive to the program due to the lighting, poor sound, and students sitting in bleachers. An auditorium, media center, assembly area, theater area, etc., is preferred, but every student must have a designated seat. They cannot stand or sit on top of desks or counters. The program can be given in a classroom as long as the room is not overcrowded and each student has their own desk.


The minimum time required for a presentation is one hour. Please contact us if you have concerns with the time frame. If the presentation will be given in an assembly area, then a minimum presentation time of at least one hour is required. If there is time needed to move students to the area, please keep that in mind and account for extra time for this to happen.

Audio-Visual Needs:

Two wireless microphones (lapel type if possible), power supply and a screen for the power point presentation are requested. We will also need a sturdy 6' table that is able to hold a person's body weight and two chairs.

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