Mary McReynolds

"On May 1, 2007, my son and I attended the Street Smart Program and thought it was a great program. We even learned some things that we didn't know such as either belting or putting backpacks in the trunk of the car. Little did we know, he would benefit so soon from this program.

Last Thursday, May 24, my son and two of his friends were involved in a serious car accident where the car flipped, landed on the roof, and no windows remained with the exception of a shattered windshield. I am happy to tell you all were buckled in and my son, because of Street Smart, had made his friend put the backpack in the trunk.

All were very one was seriously injured. My son had a scrape on his knee and elbow. The front seat passenger had to get three stitches on her knee. The back seat passenger had to get 8 stitches on his head. The back pack was found about 20-30 feet from the car; but did not strike any of the passengers because it was in the trunk!!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend this program - I know it saved at least three lives!!!"