Michelle S

"Hello, my name is Michelle. The presentation that was shown at my school, Lowell High School, really made an impact on the student body. It made an impact on me on a very personal level.

I have been involved in several car accidents, one of which was fatal and took the life of a teenage girl. I cannot stress enough the impact this presentation has made on me, and how it will affect me and other students. I will always wear my seatbelt as a result of this, and ensure that others in the vehicle are wearing theirs as well. And as for distracted or impaired driving, I will always do my part to make sure that not only am I being safe, but others are being safe as well, and I won't let anyone drive in an unsafe manner if I can help it.

This presentation, graphic though it may be, is a real look at the consequences of driving in a less-than-safe manner. Car accidents are graphic. They're explicit. So, would one rather see it in a presentation, and leave prepared to make better decisions, or see that same graphic damage done to their friends or family firsthand? This presentation depicts the horrific reality of unsafe driving, and I know it will prove effective on the students at my school. This needs to be taught everywhere; it has true life-saving capabilities. Thank you for this presentation, and I hope others can gain the same valuable lessons I did today."