Aimee Wyatt

"The Street Smart program was shown at our high school today. I teach sophomores and 4 years ago experienced the death of two students who were not wearing seatbelts - the other two students in the car who were wearing seatbelts survived.

The program definitely made a difference to our student body. A number of my students told me that even though they don't usually wear seatbelts, as a result of this program they will be buckling up every time they get into a car. On my way home this evening, I saw two of our 7th graders standing next to a major road (safely in a yard) holding a sign that said "Wear Seatbelts."

The impact of your presentation will be felt by these students for many years and will be passed on to their friends and family. Thank you for what you do - both in the presentations and as paramedics!"