Andrea V.

I must say, honestly that was the best in-school presentation I have ever seen. Your program is great and I enjoyed watching the presentation, because it really gets through to the kids. I also like the fact that you don't say "don't do this and don't do that because it is wrong." you explain things thoroughly and make us understand how serious the situations actually are. Thank you for coming to my Driver's ed class. Take Care.

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Toby's Story

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Michelle S

"Hello, my name is Michelle. The presentation that was shown at my school, Lowell High School, really made an impact on the student body. It made an impact on me on a very personal level.

I have been involved in several car accidents, one of which was fatal and took the life of a teenage girl. I cannot stress enough the impact this presentation has made on me, and how it will affect me and other students. I will always wear my seatbelt as a result of this, and ensure that others in the vehicle are wearing theirs as well. And as for distracted or impaired driving, I will always do my part to make sure that not only am I being safe, but others are being safe as well, and I won't let anyone drive in an unsafe manner if I can help it.

This presentation, graphic though it may be, is a real look at the consequences of driving in a less-than-safe manner. Car accidents are graphic. They're explicit. So, would one rather see it in a presentation, and leave prepared to make better decisions, or see that same graphic damage done to their friends or family firsthand? This presentation depicts the horrific reality of unsafe driving, and I know it will prove effective on the students at my school. This needs to be taught everywhere; it has true life-saving capabilities. Thank you for this presentation, and I hope others can gain the same valuable lessons I did today."

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Executive Officer, Capt. John P. Villanueva

"Great resource for all of us to place in our toolbox. The graphic photos, direct interaction and comical relief was a great mixture for a learning environment. One of the best presentations I've seen mixed with Powerpoint, photos, speech and audience participation. Thanks again for training MATSG -21, AMS-1 and AMS-2."

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Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency Letter"

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Operation C.A.R.E. International Conference Letter

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Mary McReynolds

"On May 1, 2007, my son and I attended the Street Smart Program and thought it was a great program. We even learned some things that we didn't know such as either belting or putting backpacks in the trunk of the car. Little did we know, he would benefit so soon from this program.

Last Thursday, May 24, my son and two of his friends were involved in a serious car accident where the car flipped, landed on the roof, and no windows remained with the exception of a shattered windshield. I am happy to tell you all were buckled in and my son, because of Street Smart, had made his friend put the backpack in the trunk.

All were very blessed...no one was seriously injured. My son had a scrape on his knee and elbow. The front seat passenger had to get three stitches on her knee. The back seat passenger had to get 8 stitches on his head. The back pack was found about 20-30 feet from the car; but did not strike any of the passengers because it was in the trunk!!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend this program - I know it saved at least three lives!!!"

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Chris Emig, SAFE Coordinator

"Since we have had the Street Smart presentation prior to each of our last 4 Proms, we have seen a steady decrease in the number of students under the influence of alcohol or drugs at Prom. This year, for the first time since anyone can remember, not one parent had to be called because their child was under the influence at Prom. Great job, Street Smart!...See you again next year!"

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Aimee Wyatt

"The Street Smart program was shown at our high school today. I teach sophomores and 4 years ago experienced the death of two students who were not wearing seatbelts - the other two students in the car who were wearing seatbelts survived.

The program definitely made a difference to our student body. A number of my students told me that even though they don't usually wear seatbelts, as a result of this program they will be buckling up every time they get into a car. On my way home this evening, I saw two of our 7th graders standing next to a major road (safely in a yard) holding a sign that said "Wear Seatbelts."

The impact of your presentation will be felt by these students for many years and will be passed on to their friends and family. Thank you for what you do - both in the presentations and as paramedics!"

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Michaela Stick

"Hey! I was just wanting to let you guys know that this program was by far the most eye-opening program we've ever seen. You guys weren't like the others that sit there and preach to us about it. You actually TALKED to us about it and had a great demo to go by. I'm sure you guys are already making a difference down here. Thanks for coming and doing this. Our school really needed it."

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"Our son Joel only had his license for 3 months. We thought he was an ok driver. We didn't realize how dangerous that was. 4 lives are now gone to due inexperience and no seatbelts. Please drive carefully no matter what. It only takes a second to lose not only your life, but lives of others as well. please drive safely. Love, Mom, Dad and brother and friends of Joel, Eric, Stephanie and Brenda."

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